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Wisdom Tours and Travel is an incoming tour operator in Egypt, Accredited by The Ministry Of Tourism and The Egyptian Travel Businesses, its main Markets are Western Europe, South America and The far East. The company Provides quality services to its guests through its branches in Egypt, its company owned Nile Cruises and its affiliate Hotels. Since 1992 The company earned an excellent reputation for its committment to quality services.


Pioneers in Nile Cruise Industry

In 1981 We had the honor of being one of only four "5 Star Nile Cruises" operating in Egypt. The experience we acquired since is difficult to fit in these few lines. In short we were part of this  industry since its birth. We participated in the innovations of the modern Nile Ccruises. all aspects of the Nile Cruise industry were affected, starting with vessels structure and ammenities to Galabiyah parties and special guest services. Our company Owned Nile Cruises are now the top of the line in what the industry can offer thanks you the long years



The M/S Alhambra is an all suites class Nile Cruise, the Vessel Was enaugurated on the 28TH OF april 2010. The nile Cruise industry's luxury standards will not be the same after its enaguration. The Vessel will be the fruit of 30 years in experience in the building and management in the field. Amenities like a world class two floor Spa, an indoor swimming pool and 30 m squared suites are introduced for the first time, many other luxurios services and amenities will be available to our esteemed guests....


The M/S Nile Quest enagurated in 2002 raised the bar for the competition in the luxury class in floating hotel industry in Egypt, with its revolutionary marine type infrastructure and Lloyds Class certification it was a pioneer in safety standards in the Nile cruise industry, several new services and amenities were introduced to the industry in an extreemly elegant maner. During its full renovation in 2006 several new services were added and the Nile Cruise standards were further raised for our competitors. The M/S Nile Quest is regarded one of the top vessels in its class in the western European markets.

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Grand Hyatt
Marriott Sharm
Semiramis Intercontinental
Four seasons Sharm
Marriott Hurghada
Meridien Heliopolis
Sheraton Resort Sharm

Our tours / packages cover all the marvels of Egypt, cultural, recrational, historical and adventurous tours cover Egypt's geography. Packages and tours start from short 7 nigh and extend to 14 nighs in addition to custom made tours that will meet every vacation. Our Experienced Staff reflect the kind nature of Egyptian hospitality, we look forward to welcome you in Egypt...

About Egypt

Egypt could be said to have six different tourist super-sites.  Each has its own flavor, and mostly each serves a different purpose.  Surprisingly, or perhaps not, most of these tourist areas do not depend on ancient monuments to sustain them.  In fact, only Luxor is completely dependent on this trade.  These super-sites consist of:

Alexandria and the immediate area around the City.

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